pdf Lose Belly Fat with Agaricus Blazei Extract

There are two types of belly fat. The first is subcutaneous fat which builds up under the skin. While unsightly, this type of belly fat is the easiest to lose. The other is visceral fat. It runs deeper, surrounds internal organs, and is found in people who are inactive and eat unhealthy diets. This is the fat that contributes to health problems. Promising H1X1 Mushroom Circle 300x300 Lose Belly Fat with Agaricus Blazei Extractresults in a human study offer hope not only for weight loss but showed people lose belly fat with Agaricus Blazei extract.

Agaricus Blazei Study Shows Decreased Body Fat

The Agaricus Blazei mushroom used in this study was cultivated outdoors in Brazil. Mushrooms were dried in a way that maintained enzyme activity and were used to create cold and hot water extracts. These extracts contained high levels of vitamins and minerals including detectable concentrations of vitamin D, but the promising health benefits noted include much more for those fighting the battle of the belly bulge. The percentage of body fat decreased in the people taking part in the study, including visceral fat; that hard to lose belly fat. Along with that, results showed a drop in blood cholesterol levels and blood glucose levels as additional health benefits.

In another study on rats, the rats to be studied were fed a high-fat diet. A selected portion were given Agaricus Blazei supplementation. Those that did not receive the Agaricus Blazei gained unhealthy weight and associated disorders, while the rats fed a high-fat diet with the Agaricus Blazei mushroom supplement displayed a protective effect against weight gain and related disorders. Further studies suggested Agaricus Blazei dietary supplements could potentially help fight obesity.

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Agaricus Blazei H1X1

Scientists have developed a mushroom even more potent than the original Agaricus Blazei mushroom discovered in Brazil. The result is a new hybrid mushroom which offers even higher levels of nutrients. This mushroom, called H1X1, is currently the most potent Agaricus mushroom available and offers superior amounts of beta glucan and other nutrients. A large number of studies have shown beta-glucans reduced body weight. This gives H1X1 a high potential of success in fighting belly fat as well as other unwanted body fat. However, more studies are recommended.

Health Promoting Food

In the end, researchers recommend the Agaricus Blazei mushroom as a “health-promoting food.” In Japan, a growing number of people are turning to health foods for their medicinal value. This includes medicinal mushrooms, seaweeds, yeasts, amino acids, and more. However, the Agaricus Blazei extract has gained popularity because it has been shown to improve symptoms related to lifestyle diseases including obesity, high blood pressure and diabetes. Other studies suggest it also offers anti-inflammatory and anti-tumor properties, but few of these were clinical studies.

** This information is not to be used as a medical diagnosis, but is shared to provide information that can result in health benefits – however this cannot be guaranteed.

pdf Lose Belly Fat with Agaricus Blazei Extract
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