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pdf Use Agaricus Blazei to Lower Cholesterol

Choosing natural health alternatives and foods to lower cholesterol is one way to fight unhealthy cholesterol levels. One recent addition to the arsenal of healthy options to fight high cholesterol is a mushroom native to Brazil. Studies in mice and humans have shown the mushroom Agaricus Blazei Murill extract is beneficial in lowering H1X1 Mushroom Circle 300x300 Use Agaricus Blazei to Lower Cholesterolcholesterol and decreasing body fat.

Health Benefits of Agaricus Blazei

The mushroom Agariucs Blazei has undergone a number of studies with promising results that show it to have anti-tumor properties and more. In a recent study on humans, results showed a decrease in blood cholesterol and blood glucose levels, plus it lowered the percentage of body fat and visceral fat. To understand the health benefit for lowering blood cholesterol, it’s important to recognize the difference between blood cholesterol and dietary cholesterol.

The liver manufactures cholesterol and diet is another source. You can eat a diet low in cholesterol and still have high cholesterol levels in your blood. When doctors talk about high cholesterol, they are talking about how much cholesterol is circulating in the blood. The reason it is bad for you is because it is a fat-like substance that builds up on the walls of arteries. As this sticky substance adheres to artery walls, it leads to a narrowing of the arteries and decreases blood flow to the heart. If the flood flow is cut off, it results in a heart attack.

Other health benefits reported in association with the mushroom Agaricus Blazei include improvement in relation to other controllable risk factors related to lifestyle

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diseases including:

  • Obesity
  • High blood pressures
  • Diabetes.

Glucans the Active Ingredient

Research points to beta glucan as the active ingredient behind these health benefits. Beta glucans are naturally occurring sugars in the cell walls of algae, bacteria, fungi, lichens, plants, and yeasts. While beta glucans are available in supplement form, because natural compounds often work synergistically, it is recommended for best results to go to the source. In this case, the Agaricus Blazei Murill mushroom.

 Don’t Ignore the Dangers of High Cholesterol

With millions of people diagnosed with high cholesterol it’s easy to lull yourself into thinking it’s not so bad, but it should not be taken lightly. High cholesterol has been associated with coronary disease and raises the risk of heart attack. According to the American Heart Association, people with a total cholesterol of 240 mg/dL are twice as likely to have a heart attack as people with a cholesterol level of 200 mg/dL.

** This information is not to be used as a medical diagnosis, but is shared to provide information that can result in health benefits – however this cannot be guaranteed.

pdf Use Agaricus Blazei to Lower Cholesterol
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