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pdf History of Agaricus Blazei Mushrooms

The Brazilian rainforests are a mystical place. The abundant rain, lush vegetation and limited sunlight create a very unique atmosphere. An atmosphere that is perfect for growing mushrooms, including the Agaricus Blazei.

H1X1 Mushroom Circle 300x300 History of Agaricus Blazei MushroomsThe Agaricus Blazei is a mushroom that is native to Brazil. It has been used throughout the world because of its amazing medicinal properties. Strains of this mushroom were exported to Japan to be studied and much has been learned about the benefits over the years. But let’s go back and get the details of why people were so interested in the Agaricus Blazei mushroom.

Have you noticed how mushrooms pop up in unusual places after especially damp weather? In the rainforest, the trees and foliage are so dense that very little sunlight
reaches the ground. So, it is a great place to grow mushrooms. This is especially good news for people in the Peidade region of Brazil.

About 40 years ago, some researchers noticed the natives from the Peidade region had some unusual characteristics. They were healthier than people of similar ages who
lived in other parts of the world. And, they appeared to be much younger than people of the same age. The researchers were curious about how the natives were able to have better health and to look and feel younger. They may live to be over 100, but still felt and looked far younger.

The researchers were intrigued and started to try to determine why the Peidade people were in good health – and eventually they determined the Algaricus Blazei mushroom had many health benefits for these people.

Algaricus Blazei spores were sent to researchers in Japan and they studied the mushroom. The researchers found the beta glucans and a variety of powerful nutrient in the mushrooms, were why the people of Peidade had good health and long life.Tree 300x168 History of Agaricus Blazei Mushrooms

Once they understood the makeup of the Algaricus Blazei, the researchers started creating a variety of hybrids, to develop a stronger mushroom with even more health benefits. After a number of experiments, they created a hybrid with the Peidade Algaricus Blazei and another from the coast of California. This turned out to be the most powerful combination – its called H1X1 and you will want to know more about this mushroom.

While the normal Agaricus Blazei is grown in China and Japan, the patented H1X1 strain of the Agaricus Blazei is grown in Pennsylvania. A very unique feature of this H1X1 – i that the H1X1 is tested in order to determine the spores are only 1st or 2nd generation. These spores that are used are stored in locked freezer safes in the US and Europe to protect the original spores that are used for DNA testing. It is important to the company that those original spores are protect  - so they aren’t lost or destroyed.

Even if you don’t like the taste or texture of mushrooms, you need to learn more about the health benefits of the Alarcus Blazei and H1X1. The Algaricus Blazei has a sweet taste and it smells like almonds.



pdf History of Agaricus Blazei Mushrooms
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